Les événements

Mountain development strategy is our concern Garbage collection and cleanup campaign

The association of Geopark M’goun is aware of the increasing attention to the importance of mountains because of their contribution to a more sustainable future  development.We  work on actions and issues of environment protection and believe that mountains are included in the strategy of sustainable developement gaols as the Geopark M’goun expands in a wide territory covering an estimated area of more than 5700 km², the M'Goun Geopark is located in the middle of the chain of the high central atlas between Beni Mellal in the north and the M'Goun or M'Goun lghil ridge line.

 To express our involvement in the policy of  improving  the livelihoods of mountain people and to conserve mountain ecosystems for the sustained prosperity of the present and future generations. Our association set up an agenda for sustainable  developement in this moutain area of the Geopark M’Goun , in witch many projects were carried out insofar ,mainly  infrustructure and socioeconomic developement  projects reducing disparities 

      So, on the occasion of Mountain Day celebration  11decembre 2019 ,and  in partnership with the Regional Council of Beni Mellal Khenifra  and local stakeholders , the Geopark M’Goun association lauched  a significant and symbolic Garbage collection and cleanup campaign in the space and surroundings of  OUZOUD Water Falls in the commune OF Ait TAGlla In Azilal province ,the main head quarter of Geopark M’goun.It’s an awareiness- raising campaign to protect the environment  in touristic geosites of Geopark M’goun.it was marked by the participation of different  civil society actors ,stakeholders  ,students and some professionals  .

One of the objective of this action was  to inspire the sens of responsibility and affect behaviour  for the environmental conservation and culture.

Within this operation, the of Geopark M’goun association delivered 10 garbage containers to the local council of  Ouzoud .